• The Olymphila India 2021 is being organized by a group of philatelic enthusiasts for the cause of promoting the subject. The event is being coordinated by Mr. Jagannath Mani 

  • The virtual exhibition is being organized purely for the love of philately and is not a commercial venture of any sort.

Rules & Regulations

The Exhibition will be based on the following rules & regulations:

​All Exhibits will be displayed under the Non-Competitive Class. Exhibits will be further classified into three categories:

  • Invitees - Past-Olymphilex Exhibitors 

  • Multi-Frame Exhibits

  • Single-Frame Exhibits

  • Single Page Exhibits

Application For Participation

  • Intending Participants in the exhibition should apply online only.

  • All exhibits suiting the theme of Olympics and sports are welcome.

  • There is no restriction on the number of frames an exhibit can have. 

  • Incomplete entries or entries received after the due date will not be accepted.

  • A separate entry form must be furnished for each exhibit.

Important Dates

  • Registration for Olymphila India 2021 to begin -  18.06.2021

  • The last date for registration of participants - 15.07.2021

  • The last date for receiving entries via email  -  20.07.2021

  • Opening of Olymphila India 2021 - 23.07.2021

  • Award Ceremony - 15.08.2021

Condition of Participation

All exhibits must confine to the prescribed standards as mentioned below: 

  • Each image should be 300dpi 

  • Page size should be as per the prescribed standard laid down by FIP. (2 in a row, 3 in a row, 4 in a row) 

  • All items in the exhibit should be owned by the exhibitor

  • Participants are required to upload their photo using the update profile section of Apply Now page. 

  • Participant's information will be displayed along with the exhibit. 

  • Organizers cannot control the download of content from this public website. 

  • Organizers will not be responsible for any kind of post-processing or usage of the content downloaded from the website. 

  • The exhibition committee reserves the right to reject any exhibit.

  • Undesirable or banned items cannot be displayed.

Entry Fee


  • No entry fee will be charged for any participating under any class.

​Receiving Exhibits

  • Participants are required to share the 300 dpi scans of each page of the exhibit via email/dropbox/ Google drive with the coordinator Mr. Jagannath Mani (

  • Do not wait for the last date. The participants are requested to share the exhibit scans as soon as possible, post registration


  • ​All exhibits will receive a certificate of participation and memento.

  • Single-page exhibitors will get only a certificate of participation.


Amendments to the Rules & Regulations


Olymphila India 2021 Team members reserve the right to add or amend any of the rules/regulations in whole or in part at any time, should it be so necessary.