The study and collection of various elements of Postal materials on different, aspect of Olympic Games is known as "Olympic Philately". The Concept of Olympic Philately has come after the pioneering work of Sir, Rowland Hill who introduced the pre-paid postage stamps in London on 06.05.1840 and Sir, Pierre de Coubertin whose vision and verseverance, the first Modern Olympic Games were held in Athens on 06.04.1896.

Athens, Paris, London, St Louis, Stockholm, Antwerp, Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Borlin, London, Helsinki, Melbourne, Rome, Tokyo, Mexico, Munich, Montreal, Moscow, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Beijing, London. Rio, Tokyo

What do these cities have in common?

The Summer Olympics Yes, these were the cities which hosted the modern Olympic Games and showcased Olympic philately, Olympic Spirit-Unity, Friendship, Progress, Harmony, Participation and Dream. It expresses the common wishes of people all over the world, inspired by the Olympic Moto  “Citius, altius, fortius,” Latin for “Faster, higher, stronger,”.

During the first modern Olympic Games, at Athens in 1896, 12 stamps were issued by the host country. These stamps are considered to be the first stamps on the theme of sport.

Of late, other than the host, many countries have released a series of stamps and other philatelic material (maximum cards, miniature sheets, sheet lets, booklets etc) from the time the city is chosen as the host city till the commencement of the Games. The Indian post, the former department of post is following this tradition since 1968 Mexico Olympics

Olympic Philately

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Presentation on Thematic Philately
held on Aug 15, 2021 during the valedictory session of Olymphila 2021

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